Dear Pastor/Youth Leader,
           We are so excited that you are interested in Elevate WKND 21. Elevate was born out of the idea for our students to have the opportunity to have a moment of Christian community with their peers in the community of Chipley. We believe that out of this time together our students can be sent out to impact their community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

         Why Elevate? We wanted to call the weekend something that we could point to as our goal every year regardless of theme of the specific weekend that year. “Elevate” was born out of the scriptural idea of elevating our understanding and viewpoint from Worldly to Godly. This year’s theme for the weekend revolves around the idea of identity. How would elevating our students understanding of “Who they are” impact their lives and the lives of those around them?

           Why you? We believe that this weekend can be a tentpole moment in the lives of your students! For those students who are already believers this weekend is an opportunity to see the community of believers they walk with every day. For those students who have not made the decision to have a relationship with Christ this is an opportunity for them to experience the Gospel and see it played out all around them!

           Why now? When we first met as a planning team, we realized the need for community with believers in Chipley. The last year has taught us so much about the need for fellowship and our students need to see that they have Godly community that they can attach themselves too in times of need.
Registration will be handled through the West Florida Baptist Association:
1641 Brickyard Rd Chipley, Fl 32428
(850) 638-0182
Our contact at the Association office is Sheila Strickland.  Registration will open on Wednesday September 1st at a cost of $25 per person, the cost will increase to $35 per person on September 23rd. The deadline to sign up is October 10th.

We hope that you will prayerfully consider joining us with your students for what we believe will be an amazing weekend!
If  you have any questions, feel free to contact John Harmon of Blue Lake Baptist Church at (386) 688-7212 or email at  Thank you and God Bless.
Elevate Weekend 2021 Schedule
Friday October 22nd, 2021
6:30 pm- Check in.
7:30 pm- Main Session 1.
9:00 pm- Break to Host Homes.
9:30 pm- Small Group Session 1.

Saturday October 23rd, 2021
7:30 am- Wake up.
8:15 am- Breakfast at Host Homes.
9:00 am- Leave for FBC Chipley.
9:30 am- Main Session 2.
11:00 am- Small Group Session 2/Parent Session.
12:00 pm- Lunch @ FBC Chipley.
1:00 pm- Break for Mission Projects/Free Time.
5:00 pm- Head to Host homes for cleanup/Dinner.
6:30 pm- Leave for FBC Chipley.
7:00 pm- Main Session 3.
8:30 pm- Break to Host Homes.
9:00 pm- Small Group Session 3.

Sunday October 24th, 2021
Schedule will differ depending on your Sunday
morning worship schedule.

Main Session-
All main sessions will take place at First Baptist Church of Chipley in the worship center. These sessions will be a time where all the students from the area churches will come together for a time of fun, worship, and teaching.  Nathan Schneider will be speaking for our main sessions. He is the Lead Catalyst for Next Gen ministries for the Florida Baptist Convention. The band leading worship for the weekend is More Than This. They are a group from Gadsden, Al.  

Host Homes-
These will be organized on an individual church basis. You know what will work best for your students and how best to minister to them in the evenings.

Small Group Sessions-
Small group sessions will also be taught on an individual church basis. Curriculum for these sessions will be provided. How these moments throughout the weekend are shaped is up to you. 
Mission Project/Free Time-
This will also be a moment where you as a church can touch our community with the Gospel. Planning your mission project will be up to you.
Parent Session-
This session is for all parents of your students to attend if able. This will take place at FBC Chipley’s worship center. This time will consist of a mental health counselor speaking to parents about signs and ways to help their student through mental health difficulties.  Lunch will be provided for all parents who attend.

All but one meal will be handled by your individual church. Lunch on Saturday will be a full group lunch.